Tuesday, 17 March 2009

London Welsh Occies

Well, it should have been my first week back in the saddle. Unfortunately, the team didn't confirm and no other matches to be reassigned. Instead I watched my old team in a Vets match. Good, old-fashion Exiles derby. A testament to the talents of the ref that it was the first I've witnessed with a punch up.

He struck me as particularly good for this level; excellent positioning, good whistle and signals, and the game flowed well. The two apparent Irish tries were disallowed because of a stray foot into touch in-goal and the off the ball shove gave Welsh a justified penalty try.
It turns out that last season, he was a level 3 national league ref and was coming back after a back problem and ankle operation (plenty of sympathy). It was clear he was used to better things and it showed in the quality of game he delivered. He even drew praise from the Welsh, very rare praise indeed.
Now lets hope its a similar score line on Saturday....!

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