Tuesday 31 March 2009

International Rugby Board - ELV recommendations

Its looking like sense is going to prevail with regard to which ELVs are taken forwards as full changes in Law.
Quick throw-ins and no gain in ground from 22 kicks are to stay, but maul pull downs and line-out numbers are out.
MOST IMPORTANTLY- the sanction laws (lets make Union as dull as League) are not being put forward (at least that what it looks like) - though there may be further examination of this one.

International Rugby Board - Rugby stakeholders agree ELV recommendations

All those puffed out props and backs recovering from ruffled hair will be glad to know that rolling subs will be allowed in the community game as well as the potentional for U19 scrum variations being used in the adult game (a new point on the discussion board for me)

I have said that my original hostility to change was tempered by the experience of refereeing the changes but the maul pull down and the sanction ELVs were the most danagerous and they look to be dead. Expect Mr O'Neil of the ARU to throw a strop.


Alastair said...

Thankfully the maul is back in town.

I don't like the fact that they haven't thrown out the sanctions law entirely, big concern the Aussies will try sneak it back in later.

Where did you source your info, you were quick off the mark!


Unknown said...

Its front page on the IRB website, just happened to spot the feed.