Tuesday 29 May 2012

More Fiddling

Just when you thought it was safe to look at the law book once again, the IRB comes up with some new variations.


Most are un-contentious, how the TMO is used is yet to be defined so we have to see on that one. The scrum engagement is tinkering around the edges, its been said before the problem at the top of the game is all about winning the hit and I not sure that addresses the issue.


Eddie Fowler said...

As an armchair enthusiast, strikes me that the change to the scrum engagement will do away with the free kicks for early engagement and allow the scrum to do what it says on the tin! Also, do away with variations in sequence timing by refs, some of whom are a touch pedestrian and inconsistent in their timing at times, which for me, as a spectator who gets frustrated seeing 'infringement' occurring which I have to lay at the refs feet, rather than the teams, and that has to be a good thing!

I find the ruck change more interesting, in doing away with some of the tactical keeping the ball in the ruck. means Mike Phillips will have to actually the ball, rather than holding it in there till he's happy with where the rest of the team are... or losing it to the opposition when they steal it, which has happened far too often in my opinion. No tactical rucking for some 8 mins while the team is down to 14 due to one in the bin!!

Thats my inexpert spectators take on things anyway!!

Alyssa Dennis said...

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