Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Season So Far

Looking at my last post and my lack of updates and you might expect that I have jacked in this reffing lark. However, you would be very wrong. I have rediscovered my reffing mojo, if not my blogging mojo.

Things have come together well so far; I’ve had some great games, super feed-back and my fitness has improved. I am undecided about whether the new tackle directive has changed things for me, personally, but I believe it is reducing competition at the breakdown making it simpler to police.

The best part of the season has been the quality of the games I’ve been given. Good sides of an appropriate level, players who have skill, fitness and want to play positive rugby. Many players lower down the levels misdirect frustration at their own inadequacy at the referee and there has been less of that. At my first game this season, the home team believed I refereed at a higher level (I’m currently 11); very flattering, even more so a few weeks later when a level 9 team said the same thing. There been a fair number of ‘best referee this season’ comments which is great.

The better games have stretched my fitness, particularly as I’ve started doing mid-week student games (I’m currently out of work). There was only one game, where I felt I was too far behind play, it was in the aftermath of man flu, but speed will need to improve if I am to rise higher.

I do promise to keep you all better informed about what I’m up to.

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