Friday, 10 September 2010

The Season Gets Underway

The new season fast approaches and my first scheduled game is coming up this Saturday. Last season was a disappointing one, so much was washed away or frozen off, I didn’t get any momentum and there were too few games to judge my grading so I stayed at level 11. Despite doing a Assistant Referee course, I had no appointment, so that is looking like a waste of time for all involved.
It certainly got to the point that I wondered if just being a spectator might be best way of spending a Saturday afternoon. I find myself at the start of the season with less than the usual anticipation but I am hoping that a couple of good games and an early positive assessment will re-fire my enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

Keep working at it - being a spectator is never perfect either. Seasons are good and bad, games go well, games can also go poorly. The teams like you, teams love you. there is a reason you stepped up to ref, hold on to that and find some fun this season and enjoy ref'ing

Unknown said...

Hi BigDai! I definitely agree with Anonymous here, rugby games are just like any other sports. It has its fair share of ups and downs. Some seasons are good and others are bad. My dad who is a loyal member of the rugby league club, used to say, "Feeling like a loser after a bad game is like losing twice. You lose in the field and in the game of life. Don't ruin your whole day because of a bad game of sport!" I think he has a point. Oh well, you go ref! You can do it! Just stay positive!

Tennis Guy said...

This time it would be better bro