Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Me Welsh-speaking, Japanese*

It is an exciting prospect of having the RWC locally in 2015, but this blog is supporting the competition going to Japan. My return to playing rugby in the '90s was with London Japanese (I was working for an Japanese stockbroker at the time)and I can assure you that the Japanese love their rugby. A more committed, if underpowered, set of players I have yet to met.
Neither should should we think of rugby as a marginal sport in Japan, it is huge, look at these registered player numbers from the IRB website

England 685,582
NZ 128,271
Japan 121,677
Ireland 101,428
Aus 80,449
Wales 47,000

Still convinced it should go to a 'Big 8' country once again?
[* one for the Max Boyce fans]

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Kevin Mullins Photography said...

I'm with you - give it to Japan