Tuesday, 24 February 2009

England hit out over refereeing concerns

England hit out over refereeing concerns - The Independent

The simple answer to this question is that teams under pressure cheat. England's only answer against Wales was to slow down the ball and this is always going to be borderline, with International referees you are going to get less time than with me. This year we have been asked to police the breakdown to the letter of the law, this means you can not protect your ball by sealing it off by going to ground over the ball. Much of the latitude players may have got in the past, off or on the feet has been removed.
From watching the Wales game, a couple of times, I think the yellows were spot on, Tindall was a tad unlucky, he was on his feet when he started to play it but went off as he played it back. Goode was banged to rights, I think he was lucky that it wasn't a penalty try (but then I am Welsh). If Wales had quick ball there then they were in, no doubt.
The next point I want to make is communication, referees will talk to captains and let them know that the penalty count is mounting and something needs to be done. One the field Borthwick looks like a petulant child and the behaviour of the off-field management does nothing to dispel the view that camp is behaving in a similar manner. Other teams are obviously be better at influencing referees, many would consider it one of the arts of being captain, ask Sean Fitzpatrick. If you don't like how you being refereed, work with him to give him the game he is trying to give you. Don't sulk like Borthwick.

John Wells is a cheat

Finally, rather than complain about other coaching teams 'getting' to referees, ask yourself why international referees approach England with a jaundice eye?

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Anonymous said...

Made me laugh when I read this about England (and in the press).

How their attitude has changed some....