Wednesday, 3 December 2008

England's whinging about referee sets a very poor example: Rugby Union - Telegraph

Those that worry about rugby going the way of soccer get plenty of ammunition here.

England's whinging about referee sets a very poor example

"England's managing director whinged, the coaches warned the ref that England would cheat, the captain had no authority and the players no discipline. Collectively it warranted a straight red card"

I am beginning to think the Telegraph reads this blog!

" forwards coach John Wells said: "I had one skill as a player: I knew how to cheat and cheat well. We've got to make sure we're smart if issues develop."
Wells might as well have written the referee a letter saying that England intended to go in for a spot of serial cheating against New Zealand

At least we now know that the England team do listen their coaches.

"Martin Johnson's first task in the new year is to send Andrew, Wells, Borthwick and the entire England squad on a crash course in refereeing.
Who ever thought we would see the day when the England rugby team needed to sign up to football's Respect campaign"

As an RFU referee, if a player or a coach is disrespectful to me in the club house, I am encouraged to report it. The very public criticism of referees this autumn series is setting a awful precedent for players at all levels of the game. Pass on your concerns, far enough, but press conferences are not the conduit for disparaging the ref.

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