Thursday 18 September 2008


From this morning's Daily Telegraph

I can't begin to express how angry this photograph made me. Has no one explained to the man in the middle that this match is necessary because of the shamefully inadequate funding of the rehabilitation of British servicemen by his government. All he sees is cheesy photo op- a good shoeing is too good for the one-eye snot-gobbler.

Please make sure you donate some money this weekend.
help for heroes-donations

and show your support for the last pillar of British public service that has integrity and can still stand up as the world's best.


Anonymous said...

Well said that man. This 'good cause' is nessacery because he (Brown) and every other politician don't seem to think it is nessacery to help those who are severly hurt going to war on their say so

well done to the organisers, players, fans and donators, shame on Brown and co

Jackart said...

Well said... I have been away from the blog for a couple of weeks, but I will say something!

AGoL said...

Hear hear!

It was a wonderful day and all involved should feel proud of what they achieved.

But I couldn't help thinking that it shouldn't really be necessary. It's the government that sends these poor lads to risk life and limb, and in a civilised society that same government should see it as a moral imperative to care for those who are injured or lose loved ones, not leave it to private charity.