Monday 12 May 2008

A Summer Lull

Its time to pack away the whistle, clean and dubbin the boots and look forward to enforced Saturday afternoons away from rugby.

There was an outside chance of game last weekend but nothing came of it, so that is it until August and the implementation of the ELVs. The Referee Society has a training day for us all and do expect some inconsistencies as we all get used to them in the first few weeks of the season.

An interesting comment was made that maybe the future is a franchise of 'Classic Rugby', the proper game played under the old rules. A world where ice baths and lucosade are banned and recovery is 8 pint session. A halcyon era were Wales are the best team in the world and a warm-up only occurred in the changing room after a match in January.

Blogging will be light in coming weeks as I head off to the tennis court.
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Unknown said...

You should've come to Lichfield for the Girls U18 National Festival - the standard of reffing there was questionable to say the least!