Monday, 22 December 2008

Light Blogging

Not many game reports recently as I've injured my ankle, a suspected osteochondral defect, out on a light jog. After 3 weeks of physio I tried reffing only for it to flare up. So it off to a surgeon and to have scan and lets see what he says. In the mean time if anyone wants to analyse the scan image feel free.


Schnack said...

Dai -- is that your ankle, or a bleeding fanny? (I kid because I care)

Take an aspirin and back get to it.

Ungratefully yours, and looking forward to more dispatches,


BigDai said...

Fanny- are you talking Yank or English?? That 6 inches always makes a difference!

I had the operation last Friday, up and about already. I'm hoping to be back on the park in 5-6 weeks