Thursday, 18 December 2008

ELVs a sham

Dear readers, are we surprised to here the pleating Aussie!

ELVs a sham, says Stade Francais coach - The Independent

The goldfish-like attention span of the average Aussie supporter might need a larger and larger fix of a more shallow product. However, the pipe line of new players and supporters has never been stronger in the NH. 72,000 for a club match in Paris, 50,000 at Twickenham. What size is Thurmond Park now? These are crowds NZ and Aus are lucky to get at full internationals!
This fan base was formed under the traditional laws, it wasn't broke and doesn't need fixing. I fear that rugby now has too many administrators trying to justify their jobs.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, the ELV's did nothing for patronage of the super IV, although we were used to them by the time your mob came to town.

Ciaron from NZ.