Monday, 17 October 2011

How to avoid a tip tackle

The momentum of going into a tackle can result into a players legs going somewhere you don't expect them, this can become a 'tip tackle'. Wales' Sam Warbuton fell foul of this in the most talked about tackle at the weekend. Here we see Gavin Henson tackling Tait, the England player's legs are lifted and if Henson drives through or drops him he would be red card today. Henson has the strength to control the player and bring him to ground safely. Humiliating Matt Tait in the process.

Another example of Mr Rolland's judgement on tip tackling, more of a 'traditional' spear tackle but the man is consistent.

The question must be how many of this delightful compilation you would not red card?

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Nursedude said...

The red-card against Warburton certainly caused lively debate. At full speed, it looked like the red was warranted. In slow-mo, it did not look quite so bad. I do think given the type of match it was, I do think Alain Rolland would have done well to confer with the side judges. It was the perfect storm of a little wing running into a very large object. There is a fine line at the professional level of not wanting to have an affect on the game, but at the end of the day, the referee's primary job is player safety.

What is too bad is that other than that call, I thought overall Alain Rolland handled the match well. I think he is the best of the Northern Hemisphere referees. I sure don't envy him the next Magner's League match he has to do in Wales.