Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lack of Action

I haven’t been that active on here of late and that is largely due to lack of games to talk about. I went to some Autumn internationals, I was ill, Christmas came along and then we have had the frost. However, last week, some idiot forgot to tell me and Society that my game was canceled until 9.30 on the Saturday morning. This meant it was too late to get a reappointment. That isn’t as bad as couple of weeks before went I turned up at my home ground to find the game had been canceled. Its only phone call – please make it.
The previous week was an uplifting match. On paper it should be evenly balanced, a Jonap 1 merit fixture, but the home side had better organised forwards and the visitors weren’t up for tackling. It ended 73-7 but strangely it felt closer.
The only trouble came from a loose head, whose technique was to drive straight up and binding seemed to be optional. Two free kicks and two penalties and he was close to getting a yellow card before he was subbed as the scrum went uncontested. His excuse for the binding was an injury that prevented him getting his elbow up, ‘fit enough to play then fit enough to bind properly’ was my response.
I was impressed with the visitors since despite the thumping they received, there was no griping or back chat. I’m either getting better or they are particularly well behaved – shows it can be done.
No game for me this weekend as it the only game that counts all season; Wales v England.

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