Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Here lies the crux of the problem

Spot on....

Danny Care unfairly singled out for criticism, says the rugby player's coach Dean Richards - Telegraph: "You have to get into context exactly what went on last week,' said former England No 8 Richards. 'Danny Care's penalty was a silly penalty but had it been in the first or second minute it wouldn't have been a penalty and the referee would probably have said 'don't be so stupid next time'."

....Dean Richards gets it.


Kevin said...

Its rediculous. Danny Care should be in a possition to read the match. He knew that he would be yellow carded. He was at fault and probably lost England the game (luckily). Danny Doesn'tCare more like.

BigDai said...

Both he and Borthwick should have had the wit to understand they were on thin ice. The point is that early on, in a good clean game he might have avoided a YC, how ever late-on a surrounded by the indiciplined rabble, it was going to be a walk