Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Victory Is Ours!!

When the IRB announced that the Sanction ELV would not only be tried in a single competition, it signalled some hope.

If this turns out to be true (there is no word on the IRB website) then the most controverisal aspect of the ELV are dead in the water. The word from New Zealand is that players and referees are having trouble with the phyiscal requirement of playing a faster game. Furthermore, I can not see how the IRB could sanction a split in the Laws on geographic lines, given the consequences of the last time this happened.

So let is raise a glass to the "57 Old Farts" of the RFU for saving our game.

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Rugby Nick said...

I never thought I would be greatful to the RFU for anything, well aside from letting us have Shaun Edwards, but well done to them for leading the charge.

Most of the ELV's I have little problem with and some I truely like (5m back at the scrum, the new 'quick line outs' etc). It is only the dangerous maul collapsing and the 'cheats charter' free kicks that I am set against.

So well done RFU, even though it turns my tounge black to say it!