Thursday, 1 May 2008


For many fans and players the 'trial' of the ELVs next season is a betrayal of the game they hold dear. Some of the of more contentious changes have been dropped, but the new laws fundamentally change the game we have played and watched from childhood. The reason is TV money and the driver is Murdoch TV. The powers that be need to understand the power of the consumer; that is us.
I propose that a mass demonstration to the ELV is staged on September 13th, 2008, the 1st or 2nd weekend of grass roots rugby that will be affected. I want, referees, players, spectators, volunteers at all levels to stay away in London, England, Wales, Scotland, Britain, France, Italy; where ever. We want to protect the game as we know it. It has always been a game that has common laws and values from the top to the very bottom. Let us show that is still the case. The money and the power of the IRB exists because we pay our dollar in match fees, tickets prices, Sky subscriptions, bar transactions, etc. Nobody plays, nobody refs, nobody attends a match, nobody watches Sky we all go down the pub and give a big V sign to the IRB and reclaim our game.
Are you with me. Forward this to those you think care.


Anonymous said...

Bloody oath mate, stuff the IRB! Lets call a strike over these stupid ELV's!!
I have joined a group on facebook protesting them as well, so please join up!!

Anonymous said...

A petition against these changes has been started – it is only in its infancy but if like me you are strongly against the changes please take a moment to fill it in.