Monday, 27 March 2006

In the Beginning..

there was the word, and that word was "what? me ref?". Well its three words I suppose. Since I decided to cut back on my playing of rugby and concentrate on the referee of the game it has struck me how common a phrase that is.
I have started to write this blog to catalogue my 'adventures' with the whistle. Those playing the game have a Saturday night of drunken revelry with their team mates. The ref a quick pint with the ref from the other game if your lucky before heading home or joining your former team mates and hearing of heart break or glory with ball in hand.
I chose to referee, rather than become an allickado, pint in hand on the touch line or worse a B&Q warrior because I wanted to keep with the game I love and to give something back. I foolishly thought I might be good at it. I modestly admit that there is room for improvement but there is no shortage of opinion on that one from at least 30 players every afternoon.

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